Monday, March 3, 2008

Extra Butter Please

The feud between activists and whaling fleets has been ongoing since last November. Recently, activists from a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel have allegedly attacked a Japanese ship off the coast of Antarctica. Their method of "non-violent chemical warfare" was throwing containers filled with a mild form of acid made from rotten butter. Apparently, the acid stings if it comes in contact with the eyes.

Officials in Tokyo condemn these actions, claiming that four members of the Nisshin Maru's crew were injured. Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, who is currently aboard the vessel, denies these allegations.

The Japanese plan to kill upwards of 900 minke whales + 50 fin whales during the expedition. According to their government, they pursue whaling for scientific research purposes. Critics are skeptical of their motivations, and claim that data can be collected without killing the whales.

Here is some footage from the activist's viewpoint:

Here is some footage from the Japanese vessel's viewpoint:


brittany said...

viva la sea shepherd!!

Natty Jane said...

Go seashepherd.