Friday, March 14, 2008

Frog Rediscovered

This is a picture of a Carrikeri Harlequin Frog. You'd think that with such a vibrant appearance it might be easy to spot. Not the case. Until a few months ago, when one was spotted in a northern Columbian forest, it hadn't been seen for about 14 years.

This rare find is extremely good news for quickly diminishing amphibian populations in rain forest regions. They are quite susceptible to infectious fungal diseases, and many have been forced to extinction. Most notably, the Golden Frog, native to the cloud forests of Central America, has vanished from sight and is assumed to be extinct.

"The rediscovery of [the Carrikeri] is the great news, but we have spent hours trying to find other frogs, and all our efforts have been unfruitful," biologist Luis Rueda said.

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