Sunday, March 9, 2008

Making Space For Advertising

This is one of the EISCAT 500MHz Ultra Frequency Radars located in Svalbard. On June 12th, it will be broadcasting the first ever advertisement into space. The transmission is being directed at a solar system 42 light years away from Earth, with planets orbiting the star '47 Ursae Majoris'. It is very similar to our Sun and is believed to host small terrestrial planets able to support life.

The advertisement will move at the speed of light and will continue for an indefinite period. The signal will pass the moon in 1.2 seconds. After 4.5 minutes it will pass Mars, and in under 9 minutes the signal will zip by the Sun. After 5.5 more hours it will travel past Pluto and exit our solar system.

The big question in your mind: "What's the ad?"

The British public is being asked to shoot a 30-second ad on their perspective of 'life on earth'. To my surprise, the competition is being run by Doritios, as part of its new 'You Make It, We Play It' campaign. It is being undertaken in association with experts + academics from the University of Leicester.

Oh, the ad will also be broadcast on terrestrial TV, so check back in June. That makes it three for Svalbard, my appreciation for the archipelago grows weekly. Check Frozen Seeds + Marine Monster Excavated

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